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Has anybody ever stuffed a gerbil up his ass? | Savage Love | Chicago Reader gerbil and anus

Gerbilling, also known as gerbil stuffing or gerbil shooting, is a rumoured sexual practice of inserting small live animals into the human rectum to obtain.

Take a paper towel roll, grease it up, and insert it into your rectum. Tie a string to the gerbil's tail. Nudge the gerbil into the outside end of the.

Gerbilizing is the act of inserting a gerbil into one's rectum for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Proper Gerbilizing requires assembling the following paraphenalia.

In most instances, it involves a tube up the ass, followed by a gerbil up but the main gist is to have the gerbil burrowing around one's anus.