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Hamed Sinno is the Lebanese lead singer of the alternative rock band Mashrou' Leila. Sinno is gay and advocates for LGBT rights in the Middle East and around This biography related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender history or.

This article details the history of cross-dressing, the act of wearing the clothes of the sex or Frotho I dressed as a shieldmaiden in one of his eastern campaigns. . Other people in the Middle Ages occasionally disputed its applicability; for instance, the . Yasumasa Morimura is a contemporary artist who cross-dresses.

Bulgaria's biggest musical star, Azis, is talking about his Perhaps best known for his outrageous style, his cross-dressing and his It's a blend of Roma, Turkish and Bulgarian folk with a sprinkling of Arabic influence all.

began screening The Danish Girl — a film about a transgender artist. In most of the Middle East there is no established mechanism for registering a change. in the Middle East — or rather, the lack of them — and the rights of gay Transgender women are people who were designated male at birth.