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Primary school AXES anti-homophobia lessons after protests from Muslim parents | Daily Mail Online massachussets kindergartner protest gay book

Parents pull children from school to protest LGBT curriculum: of a topic for elementary-aged children to be introduced to at school. Mom outraged teacher read daughter's 2nd-grade class gay-rights book: 'It's not age appropriate' you know sometimes i get the feeling that th e mass media are on.

Birmingham school stops LGBT lessons after parents protest in the Equality Act . Books being read by the pupils include Mommy, Mama and.

Protests by Muslims against teaching about gay relationships at their She shows me a few of the 25 books she uses to fulfil this statutory duty.

This series of nine videos for young elementary children uses puppets to explore Although it does not deal directly with issues of gay and lesbian inclusion, many of the The book explores the reaction of her classmates and teachers, as well as the in schools in Wisconsin, New York, California, and Massachusetts.