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to pee, usually gently and lightly. if you sprinkle while you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat! #piss#pee#peepee#go potty#use bathroom. by taquisha June .

Comprehensive list of synonyms for going to the toilet, by Macmillan Dictionary and spoken feeling very strongly that you need to urinate potty training tinkle. noun. spoken an act of urinating. This word is used mainly by children or when.

One of those is potty words to use when toilet training! Urine is fluid made by the kidneys when they clean your blood. This liquid form of waste goes Pee, or pee-pee; Wee, or wee-wee; Tinkle; Number One. Child-friendly.

Mom Invented Potty Training Tinkle Targets for Boys - Planes, Trains & . Funny Aiming Target/Portable Toilet Training, Potty Urinal Pee Trainer Urine - Green.