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Vaginal Anomalies: Overview and Treatment girls 2 two vagina holes photographs

2 years ago. Archived. I am the girl with two vaginal holes. AMA! Health. nsfw. Post image I'm not sure what I'm looking at in the photos. You have two vaginal .

A woman who was born with two vaginas, two wombs and two . Typically, in a female fetus, a uterus starts out as two small tubes and me with a double womb and double vagina after doing key-hole surgery," she said. Mum-of-three shares images of 'real life body' showing post-baby loose skin.

Mother with TWO vaginas and two wombs defies odds to end up with The mother carried all the girls in her right womb, while Harvey grew in.

Teenager with TWO vaginas, wombs and cervixes says it took . raise awareness for other girls and women who may going through the same.