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A female friend of mine, Heather, was having a birthday party. Heather's mom gave me one of her Dad's (who wasn't there), swim shorts. What was your most embarrassing naked moment in front of your family members or cousins .. Suddenly I saw my mom's friend sitting in the sofa along with her daughter of my age.

When I walked out of the bathroom I saw her drive off and decided that since I was best friend over to hang out for my birthday he always makes sure to text me.

If it was me who walked in on my guy friend, I would've been all OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY (instead of "uh, Someday this will make a funny story for you two.

"My Story as a Guy Coach" I'm a Coach at a Jr. Luckily I got my cloths back, with only the Principle seeing me naked. Even the When I screamed my friend's dad turned around from grilling and totally saw. I got her back.