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Dawn Gets Naked () naked 2008

A documentary directed by Ed Powers and Justin Lubin based on photographer Lubin's best selling underground photo essay "Porntography". It captures the.

An obsessed filmmaker George Eastman in this bizarre and surreal mix of trash, experimental and art-house cinema directed by Alex Bakshaev (Bittersweet). All be it Bakshaev's Eastman, played by Jason Impey, is a self-absorbed, somewhat eccentric personality that seems almost.

A slew of Hollywood stars -- including Carmen Electra, Lou Diamond Phillips and David Carradine -- play themselves in this mockumentary.

How to Look Good Naked is a television program, first aired on British Channel 4 in , The US format premiered on Lifetime Television in with Carson Kressley hosting, it was the #1 Unscripted Show on the network at the time.