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West System International - WSI sponsors Watercraft Magazine’s annual Amateur Boat Building Awards amateur boatbuilding suppliers uk

Traditional tools and products for shipwrights and amateur boat builders from Davey and Co. Used for the caulking and re-caulking of wooden carvel planked classic boats and new build wooden yachts. The Davey range of traditional tools should be a part of the toolkit for any budding.

Epoxy Resin from a UK company our aim is to supply boat builders with the Supplying both professional and amateur builders with our own manufacture 2 to 1.

West System International (WSI) is proud to once again support Watercraft Magazine's Amateur Boat Building Awards (ABBA) to be held at this year's Beale Park.

The biggest limitation to building any boat is space. It may sound obvious, but there's many a story of a proud amateur boatbuilder realising with.